The most important thing to us here at Force is a satisfied customer and a project successfully delivered. Results matter. This mindset combined with operating with the utmost integrity is what has allowed us to be so successful over the years.

Daniel Yeh


Daniel Yeh has over 10 years of real estate and construction management experience and has worked on high profile projects with clients such as Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

He comes from a strategic management background and is responsible for the overall direction and management for Force Contracting. He holds the LEED and PMP certifications and also earned a B.S. and M.S. in Integrated Project Delivery and Building Construction from Georgia Tech.

John McMahan

Operations Director

John McMahan is a veteran of the construction industry and has successfully delivered challenging projects for clients such as Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation, Delta Airlines, and US Army Corps of Engineers.

He is responsible for the overall operations for Force Contracting. He holds a B.S. from the University of Tennessee and a M.S. in Building Construction and Real Estate Development from Georgia Tech.